Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Business Report_ Informative report Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Report_ Informative report - Case Study Example For purposes of clarity, these have ultimately been broken down into 3 key areas: Cleanliness, Quality of Food, and Quality of Service. As such, the proceeding sections will target each of these areas and relate how the sampling of employees felt with relation to each one of these. A 90% response rate was achieved with over 500 employees originally sampled. As a means of understanding the core components of dissatisfaction, the study itself was of a somewhat limited scope as a means to seek to answer the most pressing issues that currently face the cafeteria and those within the firm that make use of its offerings. From this sampling the following key information has been determined with regards to the proceeding determinants that have been weighed: 98% of respondents indicated that the level of cleanliness within the cafeteria was unsatisfactory; key concerns centered around dirty floors, unsanitary condiment sections, and unclean floors and eating utensils. Additional concerns with relation to cleanliness consisted of concerns relating to the personal cleanliness of the food preparation process and the kitchen/cafeteria workers themselves. Similarly, fully 80% of employees felt that the quality of the food that the cafeteria offered was of a poor nature. Key concerns that were stated revolved around food being greasy, too salty, poorly cooked, improperly seasoned, tasting old, and/or being stale. Of the responses, it is interesting to note that none of these were concentric around the lack of choice or lack of diversity in the offerings that are made. Instead, they were almost wholly concerned with the level to which the food represents poor preparation, seasoning, or care. Finally, 76% of the employees sampled noted that the overall quality of the service that they received within the cafeteria was poor or substandard. Prime reasons were concentric upon surly staff and poor attention to detail with regards to refills and condiments

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